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Forrest Obnamia

Forrest Obnamia is an investor, consultant and international speaker based in Columbus, Ohio. Over his illustrious career, he has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and managed multi-million dollar projects including a $70M+ business portfolio with global operations in North America and Asia.  As an investor, he has experience in a wide range of asset classes including futures, options, stocks, bonds, real estate, private equity, cryptocurrency, precious metals and fine art. Forrest's mission is to empower clients to achieve more success and wealth through knowledge of economics, business and finance. He provides consulting and educational services through his brand Simple Wealth Solutions.

With over a decade of investing and consulting experience, clients include JPMorgan Chase, KeyCorp, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Victory Capital, Seed Impact, non-profits, small businesses, investors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and individuals. Forrest is a member of the Global Information Network established in 2009 with members in over 160 countries.  He is also an esteemed member of Christopher Kai's GPS global speaker community where its members include #1 best selling international authors, thought leaders, Fortune 100 global speakers, Ivy-league educated experts, 6 doctorates, world-renowned athletes, and seasoned executives who reside in 120 cities, 30 countries, and 6 continents.



Financial Education

We offer financial education for individuals looking to take their knowledge and strategies to the next level. From understanding financial statements to budgeting and asset allocation, we empower our clients to see a holistic picture of the money game and develop plans and skillsets that will last a lifetime.

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Business Consultation

With over a decade of business consulting experience for Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations, we are here to help your business grow and prosper. From strategic and financial planning to organizational development, we can help your business identify problems and develop solutions so you can grow to the level you desire.

Investment Opportunities

When it comes to investing, we all want our money to compound in a safe and secure manner. Ask about our available opportunities to see if they are a good fit for your specific investor profile.

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