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Simple Wealth Foundations



Course Outline

Starting June 2022

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June 8 @ 7PM EST

Week 1

The Basics and Setting The Foundation​

What is wealth?

Goal Setting

Your Balance Sheet: Assets, Liabilities & Net Worth

Your Income Statement: Income & Expense & Savings

Your tracking and management strategy

Investor Profiles & Knowing Where You Are

Mindset Principles

Leveraging Credit: Pros and Cons

June 15 @ 7PM EST

Week 2

Understanding Investing

What is investing?

The 3 Asset Class Supercategories

Risk Management

Investment Vehicles

Financial Advisors and Partners

Long-Term Investing vs Short-Term Trading

Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation

Asset Protection

June 22 @ 7PM EST

Week 3

Tools of the Trade

Critical Websites & Applications

Insurance: Life, Health, Etc.

Debt Management

Tax Management

Emergency Funds

June 29 @ 7PM EST

Week 4

Understanding Businesses & The Economy

Reading financial statements

Calculating Cash Flow & Returns

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Macroeconomics Primer

July 6 @ 7PM EST

Week 5

Asset Deep Dive



Cash Equivalents


July 13 @ 7PM EST

Week 6

Asset Deep Dive

Real Estate

Passive vs Active

Pros and Cons


July 20 @ 7PM EST

Week 7

Asset Deep Dive


Precious Metals


Other Markets

July 27 @ 7PM EST

Week 8

Tying it all together

Enhancing your strategy as you grow

Timeline for reviewing portfolio

Developing a passion for learning

Ready to begin?