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Simple Quick Start Training

This course will take you through all the fundamental components of macroeconomics. After completion, you will have a comprehensive mental model with which to view the economy and resources to further your education.

The course totals approximately 3 hours in length.

  • Part 1: Why We Care About The Economy

  • Part 2: How The Economy Works

  • Part 3: How The Monetary System Works

  • Part 4: Helpful Resources

Macro SQS: Welcome

Download the Slide Decks

This is a ZIP file of all four slide decks. Download and study the material at your convenience. The videos below will walk you through all the material in detail.

Macro SQS: Files

Part 1

Why We Care About The Economy

(20 Minutes)

Course Introduction
Why We Care About The Economy
The Economy & Stock Prices

Macro SQS: Video

Part 2

How The Economy Works
(90 Minutes)

Potential Economic Output
Economic Growth: GDP
Price Changes: CPI & PPI
Consumer: Income, Spending, Saving, Borrowing, Attitude (Labor & Housing)
Business: Investment, Inventories, Other Indicators, Corporate Profit
International: Trade Deficit, Imports, Exports, Forex/Dollar, Oil
Government: Fiscal Policy, Debt, Social Programs, Forecast
Financial Markets
Economic Calendar

Macro SQS: Video

Part 3

How The Monetary System Works
(60 Minutes)

Finance, Monetary Systems & Money
Credit & Interest Rates
Banking, Fractional Reserve Lending & Money Supply
The Debt-Based Economy: Creditism
Central Banks & The Federal Reserve
Monetary Policy: Federal Funds Rate, Fed Balance Sheet (QE)

Macro SQS: Video

Part 4

Helpful Resources

(20 Minutes)

Course Recap
Helpful Websites
Helpful Media
Helpful Research

Macro SQS: Video
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